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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Solvent Traps to Take Care of Your Firearms Properly


Sep 19, 2021

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A solvent trap is an essential apparatus for firearm maintenance. Made of steel, aluminum, or titanium, this device is attached to the end of the firearm barrel to trap the solvent during the cleaning process. To underscore its necessity, firearm cleaning is an essential process.

Without proper cleaning, a firearm can be a ticking time bomb, especially if it malfunctions. Those who have owned firearms for some time could be aware of what can happen when they skimp on firearm maintenance. Apart from causing damage and malfunction, it could endanger the life of the user and others. Solvent traps are used to help make this process more efficient and safer.

Parts and Functions of a Solvent Trap

Solvent traps are separate accessories that require slight assembly. Each part of the tool performs a specific function. For example, the solvent trap cups are meant to keep the solvent trapped inside. All solvent traps come with cups, which either snap together or have threads.

Threaded solvent trap cups are preferable because they seal the fluids tight inside the tube. They are linked to a spring that helps them remain in place. Meanwhile, most modern solvent trap kits come with an aluminum or titanium tube, which holds the solvent trap cups.

A solvent trap also comes with a firearm adapter. This accessory keeps the fluid from dripping back to the barrel. The end cap serves the same function. Importantly, a solvent trap is an important firearm accessory that doesn’t require any legal documentation.

Firearm solvent traps are available from reliable online dealers. However, users must understand that it must only perform its designated work—to trap solvent during firearm cleaning and no other work.

Reasons for Using Solvent Traps

The main reason for using a solvent trap is to prevent firearm malfunction. Proper cleaning and maintenance of a firearm play a key role in determining the safety and efficiency of the machine. Without it, issues such as fouling often arise and affect the firearm because of the accumulated leftover carbon and metals in the firearm barrel.

A firearm with chemical residue buildup in its barrel can develop an insufficient discharge or squib load, which could cause the firearm to explode. By using solvent traps, firearm owners can prevent explosion and other malfunctions like delayed discharge, slam fire, and feed and eject failure.

Allows for solvent recycling

Traditional methods of cleaning a firearm don’t allow for solvent recycling. Solvent trap kits contain solvent cups that allow users to store as much solvent as they want. The trapped solvent could be used in the future.

A tidier cleaning process

Contrary to other firearm cleaning processes, using a solvent trap leads to a neater cleaning process. Once fitted, the solvent trap collects the fluids without any spills that may cause a messy surface after the process. Additionally, it makes the process safe, without releasing any toxic substances that may cause environmental pollution.

Proper disposal of solvent

With a tidy cleaning process, solvent traps help promote a cleaner environment. Besides, users can collect the solvent safely, making the disposal process simpler because all the fluids and chemicals are in one place.


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