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Davao De Oro


Apr 7, 2022


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Davao De Oro

What is the province of Davao de Oro?

Davao de Oro is located in the middle-eastern part of Davao Region, bounded by Agusan del Sur on the North, Davao Oriental on the East and the South, Davao Gulf on the Southwest and Davao del Norte on the West. It is comprised of eleven (11) municipalities with 237 barangays and sub-divided into two (2) legislative districts.

How to check the status of your documents in Davao de Oro?

Explore the adventures awaiting for you in Davao de Oro! It has functions such as receiving and releasing. Whenever documents are received and released to and from the office, the users can view their document processing status via Local Network, website, and the Comval portal app.

When was Compostela Valley renamed to Davao de Oro?

The province was officially renamed from Compostela Valley to Davao de Oro by virtue of Republic Act 11297 approved on 17 April 2019 and ratified through a plebiscite held on 7 December 2019.

What is the history of immigration in Davao de Oro?

The bigger wave of immigrants came during the time of President Ramon Magsaysay wherein the policy of attraction adopted by the national government was to offer parcels of land to tenant-farmers. Although a virtual melting pot, the Visayans (mostly Cebuano -speaking) are the dominant group in Davao de Oro.

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