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Exploring Medicare Advantage Networks: Finding Providers in 2024


Sep 2, 2023

The world is always changing, and so are the healthcare policies and programs. Medicare Advantage, the managed care offered to Medicare beneficiaries, is no exception to these changes. As we near the year 2024, there are some substantial updates and enhancements to Medicare Advantage that will make a significant impact on the health of seniors across America. In this article, we are going to explore the latest updates and enhancements to Medicare Advantage plans 2024  .

Increase in Benefits

Starting from 2024, Medicare Advantage plans will be offering a wider range of benefits than ever before. The beneficiaries will have access to additional benefits such as adult day care, home health aides to help with daily activities, meal delivery, transportation to medical appointments, and more. This is a great step in addressing the social determinants of health and keeping seniors healthy and independent.

Introduction of Telehealth Services

Telehealth services have become more important than ever before in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2024, we will see a substantial increase in telehealth services offered to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. New changes will require all telehealth services to be covered under Medicare Advantage plans, including virtual check-ins, remote evaluation of recorded videos, and e-visits. With this update, beneficiaries can receive medical treatment right from the comfort of their homes.

Focus on Chronic Condition Management

With an aging population comes an increase in chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. To address this, Medicare Advantage plans will start focusing more on chronic condition management in 2024. This new focus will include customized care plans, specialized providers, and targeted interventions to manage and prevent the development of chronic conditions.

Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design Model

The Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design Model is another significant update to Medicare Advantage that will roll out in 2024. This is a new model that will provide Medicare Advantage plans with more courses of action to design benefits and cost-sharing, depending on the beneficiaries’ clinical profile. This model aims to reduce the burden of healthcare costs on chronically ill beneficiaries without compromising the quality of care received.

Better Access to Prescription Drugs

Finally, in 2024, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will have better access to prescription drugs. These updates will include more access to generic drugs, lowered prescription drug deductibles, and no copay for certain types of Part D drugs. It will also include better drug management programs to help advance care quality and improve health outcomes for beneficiaries with chronic conditions.


In conclusion, these updates and enhancements to Medicare Advantage in 2024 will have profound benefits for seniors across America. The increase in available benefits, focus on chronic condition management, and access to better prescription drugs will keep seniors healthier and more independent. The introduction of telehealth services will make healthcare even more accessible to seniors, even from the comfort of their own homes. With these changes, we can expect even more seniors to choose Medicare Advantage over traditional Medicare, resulting in a healthier population.

By George