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What is intertext?

What is intertext? Intertext is defined as all those texts that allow interpersonal communication, as well as the existence of a space for the exchange of information or content between the reader and the medium in which this content is generated. Thus, it is necessary to have the presence and participation of both parties.

How is intertextuality used in texts?

Intertextuality can be produced in texts using a variety of functions including allusion, quotation and referencing. However, intertextuality is not always intentional and can be utilised inadvertently.

What is the context of the text?

There is always an inspiration behind the writing of a text, and often, it leaves clues about the situation or the reality that served as the backdrop of the text. This backdrop, this situation, this reality is known as the context of the text.

What is the meaning of text?

A coherent text that shows a relationship to one or more other texts, where “text” is understood to mean any type of communicative content, typically forming a connected piece of work (includes images, sounds, video, etc.). Learn more in: Transmedia and Transliteracy in Nemetical Analysis

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