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Marikina River Live


Apr 6, 2022


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Marikina River Live

What is Marikina River?

Marikina River is a natural waterway that collects and conveys surface runoff with marginal change in its bathymetry and the floodplain. Invigorated civil society and private sector in managing and developing the MRB.

How do I apply for a Marikina River permit?

Print your Real Property Statement of Account (SOA), Apply Business Permit and PAY ONLINE using our online payment system. See live updates of the Marikina River water level here.

What is it like to live in Marikina?

Just east of Metro Manila, Marikina may feel like a small town with clean streets, quiet neighborhood and green spaces; but it is still very much a city with a thriving shoe industry with easy proximity to major business districts of the Metro Manila.

What is Marikina famous for?

Though the Marikeños turned to shoemaking in 1887, Marikina has preserved its greenery and transformed its farmland into parks. Each of Marikina’s 16 barangays has at least one mini-park, and in the middle of the city is the vast Marikina River Park.

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