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Pinoy Twitter


Apr 7, 2022


If you are looking for Pinoy Twitter
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Pinoy Twitter

Who are the most tweeted about Filipino celebrities?

Filipinos love to stay informed as much as they love to talk about their favorites and latest gossips. No wonder why the Filipino favorite, @mainedcm clinched the highest place once again in the most Tweeted about Filipino celebrities. #ThisHappened pic.twitter.com/mdpOn0x2pF.

Why is Twitter so popular in the Philippines?

Twitter is not only used by Filipinos to connect with their favorite idols, but also for brands to reach out to their audience. Known for its quirky contents on Twitter, @McDo_PH heads this year’s top 10 most engaged brands in Philippines. #ThisHappened pic.twitter.com/f44KnVdz8A.

Who are the top 10 teleseryes of the Pinoy lifestyle?

Making the list were MayWard, DonKiss, LizQuen, KissTon, McLisse, KierVi, JaDine, MarNigo, and JoshLia. Teleseryes have always been part of the Pinoy lifestyle.

What is the most tweeted Kpop hashtag in the Philippines this year?

World-renowned group @BTS_twt is one of the most sought-after K-pop group today. Their #BTS hashtag is the most Tweeted Kpop hashtag in Philippines this year. #ThisHappened pic.twitter.com/F5BefQgQbc.

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