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What does sporadic mean?

Sporadic Has Medieval Latin Roots Sporadic describes the distribution of something across space or time that is not frequent enough to fill an area or period, often in scattered instances or isolated outbursts (as in "sporadic applause").

Where does Sporadic E come from?

At polar latitudes, Sporadic E can accompany auroras and associated disturbed magnetic conditions and is called Auroral-E. No conclusive theory has yet been formulated as to the origin of Sporadic E. Attempts to connect the incidence of Sporadic E with the eleven-year Sunspot cycle have provided tentative correlations.

What is the difference between scarce and sporadic?

While the synonyms scarce and sporadic are close in meaning, scarce implies falling short of a standard or required abundance. When would uncommon be a good substitute for sporadic? The synonyms uncommon and sporadic are sometimes interchangeable, but uncommon suggests a frequency below normal expectation.

What is the difference between sporadic and infrequent?

Although the words infrequent and sporadic have much in common, infrequent implies occurrence at wide intervals in space or time. When is rare a more appropriate choice than sporadic?

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