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Syngonium Varieties


Apr 7, 2022


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Syngonium Varieties

How many different varieties of Syngonium are there?

The shape of a Syngonium is critical for plants that are to be grown as bushes rather than lengthy lianas. A total of 30 different varieties of Syngonium can be found in the wild, with only three of those being classified as “domesticated.” These plants are beautiful and elegant even in their natural, wild state.

Is Syngonium an indoor plant?

Syngonium is a great trailing indoor plant that looks beautiful with its arrow-shaped leaves. Have a look at the best Indoor Arrowhead Vine Varieties! If you are looking forward to including an easy-to-grow plant for your rooms, then Syngonium makes a lot of sense.

What does varietal Syngonium look like?

Varietal Syngonium has many plants with pink, crimson, or reddish leaves or spots of these colors on a green background. It is solid and brilliantly colored as a leaf while it is young, then darkens and breaks into three sections as it matures.

What is Syngonium Brocante?

Syngonium brocante is an unusually appealing plant. Pinch the stems and shape them to achieve a unique crown with amazing chocolate-green leaves. This plant has unusual, slightly corrugated foliage colored in several shades of green and yellow with distinct pink veins. One of the most sought-after and pricey varieties at the moment.

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