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If you are looking for Teakook
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Is taekook just a fan-service?

In respond to everyone saying that Taekook is just a Fan-Service, this one is for you, while I do agree with the fact that FS is the backbone of K-pop, I will argue that Taekook are not included in this by any mean. Fan-Service is an act that’s displayed to be shown, I mean that’s the purpose for it, right? you show it to draw fans

Is taekook a real couple?

"TAEKOOK" is real. 100% real. . . . They are on screen couple like "Bella and Edward" of "Twilight" , "Jack and Rose" of "Titanic", they doesnt exist in real life. But still they have huge couple energy.

Is taekook and Jungkook a good ship?

It wasn’t exactly a good use of my time. On a more positive note, Taekook is an extremely cute ship. They are the youngest members and are very very chaotic together. Tae helped Jungkook come out of his shell, be more open and their friendship is very admirable. One can tell they’re very close to each other.

Is taekook a Larry?

Taekook right now, is literally just another Larry. If you don’t know what ‘Larry’ is, well ‘Larry’ was a ship between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One direction. ‘Larry’ stans during the time, were hardcore shippers, probably even worse than Taekookers rn ( but they’re catching up, so still ).

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