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Twitter Alter


Apr 7, 2022


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Twitter Alter

Is there an alt text option on Twitter?

As is often the case on Twitter, lots of people jumped in to test the alt text option. In 2016, we discovered some things worked, while other didn’t. Over the years, more alt text support was added to Twitter. As of May 2020, Twitter updated their alt text support to be more fully-featured.

How do you change the description of an image on Twitter?

How to edit image descriptions in Tweets using TalkBack You can edit your image description prior to posting the Tweet. Double-tap the button. Change the description of the image. Find the Apply button in the top right of the screen using touch exploration or the right/left flick gesture.

Is Twitter's alternative text for images accessible?

When Twitter announced alternative text for images in early 2016, the web accessibility community was abuzz with conversations. The long-awaited option, providing the option to add alternative text to images, was greeted with loud approval from Twitter users looking for better web accessibility for the popular social media channel.

How do I edit the description of a tweet?

Find the Done button by pressing the “tab” key and press “enter”, or just press “enter” while holding down the “command” key. To edit the description, re-open the thumbnail preview dialog prior to posting the Tweet. Press the “insert” and “3” keys together to temporarily bypass JAWS' virtual navigation.

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