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Assistive Technology Devices and Disability Employment


Aug 24, 2021

Assistive technology devices can be viewed as any one of a number of instruments utilized by people with disabilities to do functions that may well be difficult or altogether impossible (i). This can be a broad and somewhat conceptual definition which has many applications. For instance, mobility devices including manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, power scooters, and walking aids are consider assistive technology. Within this example, we’ve got the technology is sort of primitive when compared with digital gadgetry but nevertheless enables the mobility of someone who would certainly possess some amount of difficulty moving about.

Assistive technology goes past mobility devices also to include hardware, software, along with other information technologies. For instance, take into account that people with physically impaired hands or fingers can utilize custom-designed keyboards and computer rodents to function computers. People with moderate to severe visual impairments can likewise overcome their own physical deprivation with software that reads digitally displayed messages aloud, like emails along with other lines of text on the computer. In these two examples, individuals can overcome their own disabilities and perform work specific tasks.

Without these types of enabling technologies, these people could be challenged to locate work environments that they could positively pursue objectives, lead as team people, and become working professionals. The expanding use of assistive technology, however, offers the research for people with disabilities to complete quite contrary. Indeed, the proliferation of assistive technology establishes the chance for companies to diversify their workforce and cultivate the skills of a variety of individuals. Furthermore, employers are able to better retain valuable human capital those who spend years learning, training, and adding inside a specific company can easier retain their position should unpredicted, devastating accidents occur. This adds a significant value for companies wealthy in human capital suddenly losing capital for just about any time period could be pricey, derail growth strategies, and undermine core business objectives.

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