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Difference Between H-1B & H-2B Visa


Dec 27, 2021

US Govt Fills Annual Cap of 85,000 H-1B Visas in Just Five Days

The difference between h1b and h2b visas is- H1b visa is for skilled professionals with a university degree and experience in a specific domain.  H1b applicants, if approved, are granted three to six years residence and work permit in the United States. While, H2b visa holders are seasonal workers and are allowed for 12 months, with renewal for two years. Although, h1b & h2b visas are both work permit that allows the holder to work in the United States. Each of these visas has its benefits as well as specific application requirements that an applicant must meet. Get in touch migración houston texas with all question.

The H-1B Visa

An h1b visa classification is for foreign workers hired by companies in the united states to perform in a specialty position that aligns with their academic professionalism. The Immigration and Nationality Act has defined the term specialty occupation as a career that compels a theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge; and attainment of a degree or equivalent as a minimum for entry into the occupation in the United States. So to qualify for an h1b visa, you must have a degree in your practice field and have super-knack in that field.

Like several temporary work visas and h1b visas for foreign nationals sponsored by a qualified U.S entity. Its means that you have to get employed in some specialty occupation before you apply for an h1b visa. The h1b h2b visas what is required?

H-1B General Requirements

H-1B visa requires that applicants must have a bachelors’ degree or equivalent. You have to be a professional hired in a specialty occupation and have a considerable level of expertise or training for the specialty job.

For  a job that is agreed to be an H-1B specialty occupation, it must;

  1. Demand for at least a BSc degree or its equivalent as minimum job qualification or entry requirement
  2. The required degree must be in alignment with the job position

H-2B  Temporary Non-Agricultural

H-2B is an employment-based visa, also referred to as a guest worker visa. It allows U.S employers to hire foreign workers to fill the non-agricultural position. Unlike the h1b visa, h2b visa holder is only allowed to enter the U.S as temporary or seasonal worker and can only stay for one year. Also, with a renewal for only two years. An h-2b visa is the opposite of an h-2a visa that allows holders to perform temporary jobs in an agricultural field. H-2B is a seasonal or one-time job position open to skilled and unskilled workers including, entertainers, camp counselors, instructors, business trainers, etc.


H-2B General Requirements

As it is with all work visas, the h2b visa has specific visa requirements that employer and employee must have to meet before applying for it:

Employer Requirements

  • The job must be of temporary nature
  • There is no qualified U.S worker to fill out the position
  • There is a need for the worker services temporarily, and it could fall under one-time occurrence, seasonal needs peak load, or intermittent.

Employee Requirements

  • Have the capacity to perform the required task
  • Get hired by a U.S employer for a seasonal position.
  • Prove you are willing to travel back to your country at the expiration of your visa classification.

H-1B vs H-2B Visa Cap

Both h1b & h2b programs have their limitations and cap. That is the limit on the number of visas issued yearly. Once completed, other applicants will have to wait for next year or option to another visa type. abogado adan vega houston tx is here to support you with your immigration processing.

H-1B Cap

The USCIS approves about 85,000  H-1B visas yearly, while the other thousands of individuals in H1B status are on the H1B cap. Secondly, out of this number, 65,000 go to regular applicants, the left 20,000 for applicants with a masters’ degree or higher from the United States institution. For citizens of Chile and Singapore, are reserved 6,800 visas deducted from the master’s allocations.

H-2B Cap

The h2b  classification has a status numeric; limit of 66,000 visas. And it also split into two categories; 33,000  are for workers who started their employment in the first half of a fiscal year (October to March 30), and the remaining 33,000 visas are for those that begin the second half of the fiscal year (April 1 to September 30).

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Both non-immigrant visas have their requirements and benefits and could be the best for you on your choice and qualifications. Seeking an expert’s guidance will help you choose a program that is suitable for your situation.

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