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Supporting IDF forces: Aren’t we obligated to help them? 


Dec 12, 2021

The IDF has almost half of its troops who do not have families but are serving in the IDF without them? When they choose to join the military, some soldiers come from families who abandoned them or who had abusive childhoods.

As the rest of the world celebrates festivals and Shabbat, the troops are forgotten and left alone. Those who serve our country make a great deal of sacrifice. Meir Panim assists IDF personnel however we can.

Supporting the soldiers of the IDF: How can you help? 

Supporting and caring for these lonely soldiers is possible through donations. These soldiers would receive hot Shabbat meals, holiday meals, or food shipments.

Meir Panim argues that we can fight food insecurity, hunger, and emotional suffering by establishing a cohesive community. By connecting people who care about soldiers with those who are willing to help, we provide them with a platform. We make it easy for you to support the IDF soldiers.

Meir Panim, an IDF support project

Treating IDF soldiers to Shabbat or holiday meals is a great way to demonstrate your support and gratitude. When our defenders are hungry, we will provide them with a hot and delicious meal. We care about every person who needs our help, no matter if they are combat soldiers, new recruits, or disabled veterans with families who struggle to survive. Our first response when we witness a soldier in need is to extend a helping hand.

You can join this humanitarian effort! All you have to do is donate what you can. Supporting IDF soldiers is a pillar of a secure Israel in the future.

By George