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Finances of Medical Health Insurance (Part 2)


Aug 24, 2021

In the following paragraphs I’ll be expanding around the finances of medical health insurance, the way the industry functions, and who benefits. To create happens with this discussion, recall the President maybe have you believe your wellbeing will improve if perhaps you’ve got a health insurance plan. Our elected politicians, in a single form or any other, say virtually exactly the same factor simply because they would like your election. I proclaim that the health insurance plan is not concerning your health, and health services are overpriced due to medical health insurance. First, are we able to agree that medical health insurance is actually not regarding your health? When you’re sick, you do not make as appointment having a medical health insurance company you see your physician, and hope he’ll recognition your insurance.

Any adverse health insurance plan is actually only a financial document, so let us start to comprehend the health industry by searching in the words of the economist without any understanding of healthcare, nor performs this economist comprehend the workings of the physician. He discusses the economical negative effects from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sometimes known as Obamacare. The way the costs over-shadow the advantages. Also, he highlights our economy is mainly according to labor and work, and that’s what he addresses probably the most because he isn’t a staff within the health field.

The important thing economic concept needed to know the labor market results of the ACA is exactly what economists call “tax distortions.” Tax distortions are alterations in behavior for companies or households with regards to reducing their taxes or growing their subsidies. Individuals actions will be known as “distortions” by economists, since the distortions don’t exist in real companies. The distortions occur due to our crazy tax code. Among a tax policy that produces distortions may be the ethanol subsidy. Technically the ethanol subsidy is really a tax credit, not really a tax subsidy, whereby gasoline refiners are subsidized based on the number of gallons of gas they produce and blend with ethanol.

Another economic element that does not get much publicity in the press or politicians is the fact that creating ethanol from corn is costly. The price of creating ethanol then turns into a “zero-sum-gain” when it’s used by us to dilute gasoline within our vehicles. It’s usual for our government to produce these crazy rules and the end result is that medical health insurance is really a distortion too. Much like ethanol doesn’t do anything whatsoever to create your vehicle run better, medical health insurance doesn’t do anything whatsoever to get a lean body.

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